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Italian driver in Naples stops church procession and causes chaos

A driver in Naples causes a near riot as he blocks a street and is forced to endure the jeers and taunts of the crowd until he finally, with police help, manages to turn around and be on his way.
The U-turn created a huge backup with motorcycles, cars and a religious procession involved.

It starts as a not unusual scene in Italy, or at least a not unusual one in Naples: a motorist stubbornly attempting to defy the rules of geometry, in this instance by trying to execute a U-turn on a narrow street.

To the amusement of onlookers, he succeeds in getting himself hopelessly wedged between the cars parked on either side of the street so that the traffic is blocked in both directions. Think you’re bad at three point turns? Driver holds up two cars, group of motorbikes and a church procession before almighty row breaks out in Naples.


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Un automobilista alla guida di un’utilitaria si incastra in un vicolo a Cardito, provincia di Napoli. Nell’ordine arrivano: altre auto, un gruppo di motociclisti e una processione. Tutti bloccati per ore fino all’arrivo della polizia municipale. Sembra quasi uno spot o potrebbe essere addirittura uno scherzo ben congegnato.

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